My Approach

I utilize a constructivist framework, working from the assumption that humans are in a constant process of becoming. From this assumption I strive to provide clients with a holistic awareness of how they became who they are and assist them in discovering who they hope to become.

Who makes the choices in our lives? Which parts of ourselves feel authentic? I provide clients with a unique opportunity to make contact with core aspects of themselves. To do this I provide a compassionate place of understanding and acceptance. From this place of contact clients are given opportunities and guidance in talk therapy as well as opportunities to engage in some of the following; meditation, journal writing and interpretation, dream work, art therapy, relational-cultural therapy.

I work with clients to gently build awareness and acceptance by investigating patterns of being. By discovering ourselves in our relationships, our development, our values, we might begin a process of alleviating internal struggle while fostering new sources of strength, new opportunities for humility and grace, and new self-compassionate tendencies.


Michael grew up in Massachusetts where he fell in love with transcendentalist writing and philosophy. He studied Western philosophy and writing at the University of Massachusetts before moving to Portland, OR in 2005. In Portland he worked as a writer and organizer with local environmental education and awareness programs.

In 2008 Michael moved to Vietnam where he worked at an international school as a writing tutor and educator. While in Vietnam Michael traveled extensively and studied Eastern philosophy and meditation practices. It was here that he began to become more curious about how we create our own stories and how our cultural locations can inform our experiences.

In 2011 Michael moved to New York City and enrolled in Brooklyn College to study psychology full time. During his time in New York he studied cognitive development, comparative psychology, and learning systems. After graduating from Brooklyn College he worked in the Arts and Development lab before seeking his MA in Professional Mental Health Counseling at Lewis & Clark. Classes at Lewis & Clark included ecopsychology, expressive arts, emotion focused couple’s therapy, building cultural competency, existential and humanistic theories, and constructivist psychotherapy techniques.

Michael is currently an LPC Intern, meaning that he has completed the necessary requirements for his LPC but is working to complete the clinical hours for full licensure.

“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh